About Us

Just a pair of weirdos making things from our home. We value DIY, reducing waste and progressive action that helps all individuals, especially those who experience oppression.  When we can, we donate a percentage of sales to various charities working toward human equality and a better future for all. We strive to make sure that our supplies come from ethical sources and that we are doing what we can to make this experience one that leaves a positive impact.


Stitch Witch : sewist and other things -- Berlyn (the stitch witch) has been sewing since she was 14 years old and hasn't been able to stop since. She also loves film and when she can, she writes.
 Wolf Witch : Our designer, printer and button maker-- Steven (the wolf witch) has a background in music, a love for film and is really good at creating the super fun and badass designs you will find on our work!