About Us

Just a pair of weirdos making things from our home. We value DIY, reducing waste and progressive action that helps all individuals, especially those who experience oppression.  When we can, we donate a percentage of sales to various charities working toward human equality. See a list of charities we've donated to here!


 Berlyn (Stitch Witch): Digitizer, embroiderer, sewin' stuff -- I've been sewing since I was 14 years old and hasn't been able to stop since. I received her first embroidery machine after I had started making purses in 2017, and at first, it was to help create more unique and fun purses, but eventually the love of making patches took over. Having always been a spooky little punk, I've always loved the flair of a good patch and once I learned how to digitize (create my own digital embroidery files) I was able to make patches out of whatever I wanted! I embroider other items and try to keep the selection fun and exciting, no matter what I make it will stay true to my nerdy, witchy, queer, spooky self.
 Steven (Wolf Witch): Designer and t-shirt printer-- Steven (the wolf witch) has a background in music, a love for film and is really good at creating the super fun and badass designs you will find on our work!