Handmade For Creeps

When we started our journey into the handmade market, we were already making creepy items with horror and witchy elements. While we hadn’t established Junkyard Witch, we did stick to our true selves and made the spooky type of things we loved to buy.
Besides using Etsy to sell our goods, we tried out a few markets in the Los Angeles area. We turned out to be the oddballs at every one of them. Being one of the few booths with weird Halloween items in the middle of July.
While we tend to head to more creepy markets these days, we never backed down and hope to give a voice to all the other weirdos. Every now and then we get the black sheep of the family up to our booth, and we know we are doing the right thing.
Junkyard Witch is for all of us who feel like we don’t always fit in, sometimes not even with other weirdos. We see you and we made you some stuff we hope helps you show off your uniqueness.